Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Travel Diary 1.0

I woke up at 2.30 am and I tried to fall asleep again. Sadly I could not and I just stayed awake while lying down and rolling on my bed. At 4.30 I stopped trying to fall asleep and keep my bed neatly and leaned towards the wall and closed the windows. I got plenty of time to check my things for the last time. I took a slow nice warm bath and after all dressed up, I offered drinking water to Buddha and worshipped. I prayed from my heart that my long break will end with peace and everything go smoothly along the way. I felt looking smart because I wore a formal long sleeved white shirt and black pants. I put on the red hoodie with zip opened on top of the white shirt. I also put on a pair of shoes. I prefer slippers than shoes. But shoes take a big space to pack inside my bag. It was raining and I noticed that most of the time I am leaving Singapore, it rains which is not quite strange because there are rains in Singapore all year round. The feeling of leaving Singapore with rains also gives me some chills and kind of nostalgic feeling. The rain was not pouring and just lightly spraying. I decided not to use the umbrella inside my bag. I just covered my head with the hood. I walked towards Chinese Garden Mrt like there was no raining at all. 
I also had a breakfast at KFC after checking in. This is the first time that I got a seat at emergency exit. I like those seats because you have a big leg-room. I paid attention on how to operate in case of emergency. It's quite simple. My seat is just beside the emergency exit. A couple from US sit beside me. We do have a chat aside from saying hi when i first seated. I put on my headsets and listening to Adele when the flight reached high above the ground. 
The couple looks cool. I kind of feel touched when I saw, the husband holds his wife hand when the flight went into a big cloud and had a bit of turbulence. The husband was kind of scared i guess but I am not sure because the wife sat beside me and the husband was on another side of the wife, so the wife was literally blocking the husband face. What I saw was the man was holding one hand of the lady and the lady fingers were kind of rubbing his hand gently. The lady filled in the arrival card first and the man followed after she finished. They took out two cup cakes and enjoyed eating it. After eat,  the lady took out her laptop and gave some comments in some kind of an academic report with graphs. Oh yeah,  she is a professor and she is just doing her work on a plane. I got a peak at her arrival card. She was seemed like really into it and a bit look tense. I really like to see people with passion and it is quite motivating to see those passionate people working with concentration. Even for a passionate waiter, I enjoy seeing him waiting tables with much of his energy and joy. May be I enjoy seeing it because this is the thing I lack in my life. But those people are quite rare to find also. The husband was playing a mobile game with passion too. I was also passionately updating my diary. Hahaha... 
Yesterday I went out for drinks with my friends at a bar on top of National gallery, Singapore which has a very nice view directly facing Marina Bay Sands Hotel and diagonally facing other tall crowded buildings in City Hall area. I can hear the bell rang from a clock tower in Victoria Hall.  The music there was nice, slow and sooth. I did not happen to tell about my plan with my friends. I am tired of explaining questions sometimes. I am very glad that l have good friends all around me. My friend who offered to borrow his camera did brought his camera on that day and asked for the last time whether I am sure about not taking his camera and shoot great photos. I said yes I am sure because I will be flying for a lot places and I do not wish to take any more burden than I already have. Actually I do realise that it's wrong to feel that way but I cannot help it.

Monday, February 27, 2017

My travel diary 0.3, 28th Feb 2017

When the days of my long break are getting nearer, I am thinking a lot and there are so much things on my mind. Yesterday morning, I was imagining myself and giving a thanks speech at the end of the graduation ceremony. I was practicing for it. What I should include and how I should say it. But my voice was lacking the strength and energy and it did not sound like it was come out in my imagination. At first,  I wanted to add it here but I dropped my phone while writing this diary on my tablet and I paused for a while and changed my mind about adding it. There is some more reasons why I want to take my two cameras instead of my friend's one is because I do not like to see some of the things are not utilised and left to be wasted although  they are in good  conditions. For this trip,  I needed a lot clothings to be bought, especially jackets and coats.  I searched around my house because I am sure that my friends who had moved out from the house will definitely left their unwanted clothings. I found many and I chose the suitable ones for me and my parents. We do not need to buy for jackets and coats. I have already sent back those to Myanmar when I returned  back last year for one of my friends' wedding. One more friend will have a wedding dinner on 18th March and I am going to attend it. I have taken the red coloured Nike shoes from one of my friends, the last person to move out from my house. My current walking shoes is totally worn out and the soles are detached halfway and dangling from the front every time when I lift up the foot. Still I am thinking to glue it back. But I asked my friend who offered to borrow his camera and I declined, who is also the owner of the Nike shoes, to allow me to use it because I am sad to see it on the shelf with dusts without any owner to take care. He said it's a bit weary already and no problem. I just added about clothes and shoes here because I want you to know how I feel about material things.
Although I asked my poly friend to plan for Pha An trip, he has not mentioned about his trip plan except we, three will be meeting up at 7pm in front of Mandalarmin gate in Aung Mingalar Express Highway Bus Station which is the main station that you have to go to take express cars to almost everywhere in Myanmar from Yangon. Plus 66000 kyats(US$50) per night for hotel and 8000 kyats(US$8) for bus fares. So I looked up on the map and also asked my friend, who is living in our house and who recently visited Pha An. There are five famous caves in the area and two famous mountains to climb. But I wish to stop about Pha An here and tell more about it after I have visited the place. 

Travel Diary 0.2, 28th Feb 2017

I said I was going to research what things to do and eat in Edinburgh and London. I have done enough during these days. Sometimes I got overwhelmed by those things that I found out. I do not want to mention details about those. Lately I realised that I am planning a lot details which I am not sure those will pan out on the actual trip or not. I decided to stop planning and researching. I have done enough of it.
I got oyster cards that I ordered to be shipped to Singapore. My poly friend has already decided which place to go from 1st of March until 4th. We will go to Pha An, the capital of Karen state in Myanmar. He has bought the express tickets for three, me, him and another poly friend and booked a hotel for two nights. We are leaving Yangon at 8:30pm on 1st of March and we will be reaching Pha An next day early morning. The journey from Yangon to Pha An usually takes about 7 to 8 hours. I do not want to plan for this trip and I will follow my friend's plan. He used to travel quite often, so there won't be any problem with his plan.
One of my friends also offered to borrow his camera which is quite good and expensive one. At first, I like to accept and said yes. But when I think about taking his camera, I feel a bit of burden and the trip is quite a long one and anything can happen. I said to him that I rather take my two cameras which is not high end but just normal point and shoot ones. One I got from Carrousel which is something like eBay in Singapore with 50 dollars. Another one is someone's who lived in our house. Yes, our house is a home for many students from Myanmar. When a friend moves from the house, a few of his belongings are always abandoned or be forgotten inside the house. I cannot recall whose camera is it. Those two cameras will serve their purpose.
I also applied leave for 28th Feb since I haven't packed and I do not like to start my long break with a hurry. Me and my friends have a date on that evening. It has been so long that I am not going out for drinks at a bar. I want to say that my long break starts officially on that night. Some of my friends do not know that I am going to become a monk a year after this trip. I think I will tell them when we are going out for drinks tonight. I do not worry that they will be surprised because this is not the first time that I told them about how I am going to become a monk.
Yeah, it's true when I started to realise that I changed, I resigned from a very good company and went back to Myanmar. That time also, I let all my friends know about it. We did all gathered at my house and drank alcohol and tried to talk about it. They asked so many questions why,why,why? I tried to answer and give reasons to myself and their questions as I can. They cannot understand me and I am not trying to make them understand. At that time, my reason was simple. I was 23 years old and when they ask about whether I am sure about my decision. I told them that how can you be sure that you have not actually tried being a monk. So I simply wanted to become a monk for a year or two and decide whether I can stay as a monk for my whole life or not. If I do not enjoy the monkhood after a year or two, I can always request back to being a normal person. But if I did not do it at that time, I may always wonder what if, for my whole life. The plan did not go well because I did not let my family know about it. I did became a monk for 3 days because my mom planned dad, me and my elder brother to become monks for a few days according to Myanmar traditions. One of the common goals of all Myanmar mothers is to make their sons a monk for a few days at least once in her life. Monkhood is very rare and it's a special opportunity to become a mother of a monk even just for a short period in religious point of view. I went back to Myanmar and followed as she planned. My family thought that I just took leave to come back and become a monk for a few days. To become a monk, you need the parents permission and wife's permission if you are married. Otherwise, you cannot attain the monkhood.
My plan is to stay as a monk for a year but I do not want to manipulate them into saying yes for the permission to become a monk. That three day of monkhood was quite terrible experience for me because I was keeping a big secret. So I decided to end it and let them know about my plan to become a monk for a year or two or may be permanent. The reaction from them was also as terrible as I expected. They are not religious people and they totally disagreed with my plan and they did not let me do do it. We fought each other by shooting sharp and loud words into each other's ears. We mean me against three of my family members. There is nobody on my side. I said very hurtful words to them and I really meant it at that time. I said they are not fair to me that they were very proud of me when I was doing according to what they wanted and they should be the same when I was about to do what I want. Somemore my wish is not a bad wish and it is a very good and very simple wish. Now while I am writing this diary, I am not even sure about how I had written of having a normal childhood in the first page. I the main character in the outsider,a famous noble is perfectly normal to me and that makes me realise being normal is not that simple. Am I not normal or am I being an outsider too in this society? I do not care to answer those questions.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Travel Diary 0.1, 8th Feb 2017

It's not easy to decide whether I am going for this trip or not. After I finished my exam in May 2016, I asked my parents whether they want to go for a graduation trip or not. They said it's up to me. So I think it's quite expensive and too much of a burden for me since I do not have any savings at that time. I decided not to go and they asked whether I can attend the graduation ceremony in Singapore, if I can, they can also easily come visit Singapore. But I can't because I was doing private studies and the ceremony they hold is for their students who joined and studied at their institutions. When Mom knows that I can't attend the ceremony, she asked me to check for the gown and hire it and take a graduation photoshoot with parents. I can feel that she wants to attend for her son's graduation ceremony. So I decided, Okay Mom, we will go to UK. Do not worry about money. I will try to make it happen.
You know parents. Sometimes they are quite tough to deal with. They will never say straight about what they want. The problem is they know too much about us and sometimes they try to close the gap between what we want and what they want without letting us know their intentions. But only after some time, you found out about that. It is seemed not honest to me. Sometimes I am glad that they do their job as parents. So the trip is confirmed and I started planning for financing and travel. At first, I only want to go to London just for graduation. But they said it's not worth. Mom asked her friends who have been to UK and she said we can rent an apartment and save some costs and stay there for more days. Since I do not have enough leave to stay for long in London. I rejected the idea. I will stay at the hotel with a reasonable price but just for a week. Another week in Singapore for my parents to visit after London. Quite frankly saying, I think I will not be quite comfortable as in Singapore in any other country. Travel always brings some sorts of uncomfortable things. Some people can take those as experience and having a life. But not for me. But I do enjoy though. Of course who doesn't like travel right.
I booked at Central Park Hotel, Queensborough Terrace which is 30 min bus drive away from Barbican Centre, Silk Street where the graduation ceremony will be held.

Travel Diary 0.0, 8th Feb 2017

This trip is quite important for me and I decided to make a diary so that I can write all the things I see and feel on the trip. First let me explain why this trip is important. I am lost. I do not know what I want to be in my life. Actually I have been lost for past three or four years. But thanks to my mom, I happened to attend the University and study for Management. So these three years had been quite busy for me as I was trying to graduate in three year time. But I do know that I have been lost. Finally I graduated and this is the reason that this trip is going to happen. I have not mentioned yet why this trip is important. I realize myself that there aren't anything that I want to accomplish in my life so I decided to become a Buddhist monk a year after this trip. You may wonder why???

I wonder myself too. Is it because I was born as a Buddhist? It was my upbringing issues? Actually I did not have any upbringing issues. I had a normal childhood. I do not know why exactly. What's gotten into me? What changed me? I feel and I know that I changed. Last time, before I graduated from poly, I have had wants and desires. I had fought for it and tried to achieve and fulfil those as much as I can. But now I have changed, I still have wants and desires like last time but the motivation and passion to achieve those has been lost. My motivation has been lost and I am no longer feeling as lively as before. The only time I feel lively is when I am getting drunk and being high. I cannot trace back the real cause for the change. I accept idea that life is supposed to be moving forward either in a good way or a bad way until death. So trying to find out the reason or cause of the change is seemed that I am wasting my life. In Buddhism, human life is so precious and short that I am not willing to waste it. I will move forward my life as a monk. Why monk? Can't you be a businessman or a manager of some sorts? I can't because there is no end in becoming someone or having something that you want. New things and desires will come again and again one after another. You may say that it's not what's supposed to be of moving life forward. Yes, I agree but I cannot continue to entertain myself with those wants and desires. Most people said family is important and I am very thankful for my family for everything that I have done and have been able to do. My life is quite meaningless without them. This trip is important also because I have been working for 12hrs a day, six days a week for six months to have enough savings to make this trip happens. It is a lot of money for Myanmar and I will continue to work for another year after coming back from trip to save some money for my parents. I do not want my parents to worry about money.

Let's get started about the trip. I have planned and bought all the major tickets involved in my long break. My break will start on 1st of March until 23rd of March. On 24th of March, I will resume working as a technician in Dyson. I have to thanks Dyson for being a favourable environment to finish my studies and to earn money. My journeys so far as I have planned is like this - SG-YGN-Somewhere-YGN-SG-LDN-BATH-LDN-EDINB-LDN-SG-YGN-Somewhere-YGN-SG. On 1st March I will start leaving from Singapore to Yangon. One of my poly friends will arrange a trip from Yangon to somewhere in Myanmar which he does not confirm yet. On 5th March, me and my parents will leave from Yangon to Singapore. On 6th March, we will leave from Singapore to London. On 8th, London to Bath and back to London on the same day. On 9th, London to Edinburgh and back to London on 10th at 2 am. On 12th London to Singapore. On 18th Singapore to Yangon. One of my childhood friends will arrange a trip from Yangon to somewhere in Myanmar which he does not confirm yet. On 23rd Yangon to Singapore. I am so excited and ready for this once-in-a-lifetime trip and try to add more details about it before, along and after the trip.

I have already bought all the airplane tickets that will be needed throughout the trip. I have bought the day tour package for Bath. I have bought the return virgin train tickets to Edinburgh. I have ordered oyster cards to be used for public transportation in London. Now I am researching what things to do for six hours in Edinburgh. I like to see sunset at Arthur's seat and Stonehenge. Arthur's seat is in Edinburgh and I hope I can see sunset there. For Stonehenge, I tried to book for it but the dates are not suitable for us because I only have 6days in UK. One day, 7th March is gone for my graduation. Another one day, 9th is gone for Edinburgh. I want to go as many places as I can in London also. So I decided not to plan any tour outside London after 9th so that I can explore London for 3 days,10,11&12. So I am left with 8th to plan for Stonehenge trip. The normal viewing, not sunset viewing, is a available on that date. Actually LDN-Bath is not just only Bath. It includes Stonehenge as well. And then, I like to go a day tour to Paris also but I need to apply for Schengen visa. At first, I was trying to plan to go to Dingle in Ireland but it does not work out due to time and money constraints. So I gave up about it and decided just to stay in London only. When I was starting to buy a day tour package for Stonehenge, Bath trip, they also got a day tour package to Paris as well. Paris is just nearby and only a 2-hr plus train ride from St Pancras international train station in London. But now it's too late to apply for Schengen visa. I contacted the French Embassy in Singapore via website and they replied some applications take up to six weeks and now I got left with 3 weeks before 1st of March. So if you plan to go to London and you got UK visa only, in order to enter France, Paris, you need Schengen visa and you can apply only in the country of residence. I also contacted the French consulate in London about whether I can apply for Schengen visa in London and the processing time can be shortened. They said I cannot do so and I must apply in my county of residence. I guess the processing time is the same everywhere because getting a Schengen visa allowed you to travel not just for a country but also for all Schengen countries, it includes Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


ေႏြအခါမွာ ပိေတာက္
မိုးေရာက္ေတာ့ ပဒုမၼာ
ေဆာင္းမွာေတာ့ သဇင္မင္း
ရာသီအတြင္း ၾကိဳင္လိႈင္

ဗုဒၶဘာသာဝင္တစ္ဦး၏ တာဝန္၄ ရပ္

ဗုဒၶဘာသာဝင္တစ္ဦးရဲ့ တာဝန္ ၄ ရပ္ အေၾကာင္းမေျပာခင္ ျမတ္စြာဘုရားရွင္အားလံုးတို႕ရဲ့ မေျပာင္းမလဲေသာ ေနရာေလးခုကို အရင္သိထားသင့္ပါတယ္။